--- Comment #2 from 2011-06-22 10:33:34 PDT ---
I'm not sure if it's a bug in DMD or Phobos. I'm inclined to it's Phobos bug.
The loop variable 'a' in the reduced 'formattedWrite' is obviously escaping its
scope, so calling the destructor is reasonable. However, this is essentially
the implementation of std.format.formattedWrite:

1. the arguments are taken address 

    foreach (i, arg; args)
        funs[i] = &formatGeneric!(Writer, typeof(arg), Char);
        // We can safely cast away shared because all data is either
        // immutable or completely owned by this function.
        argsAddresses[i] = cast(const(void*)) &arg;

2. and then they are referred later for actual formatting.

            funs[currentArg](w, argsAddresses[currentArg], spec);

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