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--- Comment #8 from Rob Jacques <> 2011-06-29 22:01:37 PDT ---
I'm pretty sure this is a regression between DMD 2.052 and DMD 2.053. I found
this 'regression' in template constraints:

if( isPointer!T && isPointer!(pointerTarget!T) )

the problem is that if T is a string, then pointerTarget!T can not compile.
This wouldn't be an issue if that meant the template constraint failed
gracefully, but instead it halts compilation.

Anyways, there is the question of whether or not shortcutting is the correct

>From a performance point of view, as someone who has spent time optimizing
templates for compile times, anything that can reduce DMD's memory-usage or
compile times is a good thing.

>From a practical point of view, being able to guard statements without using a
static if is great for template constraints and other short templates.

>From a consistently point of view CTFE is already shortcutting everything
inside a if(!__ctfe){} block. (and probably other if(false){} blocks as well).
And we will never be able give up shortcutting if(!__ctfe){} blocks.

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