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           Platform|Other                       |All
         OS/Version|Mac OS X                    |All
           Severity|normal                      |major

--- Comment #1 from 2011-07-20 11:09:12 PDT ---
Raising severity because unaryFun and binaryFun are used in template
constraints or return types. This bug makes std.algorithm.equal not able to be
pure/nothrow/@safe, for example.

2nd test case:
bool f6356b()() {
    return true;
void g6356b()() if (is(typeof(f6356b()))) {
void h6356b() pure nothrow @safe {
    //f6356b();    // <-- uncomment to make it compile.
x.d(9): Error: pure function 'h6356b' cannot call impure function 'g6356b'
x.d(9): Error: safe function 'h6356b' cannot call system function 'g6356b'
x.d(9): Error: g6356b is not nothrow
x.d(7): Error: function x.h6356b 'h6356b' is nothrow yet may throw

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