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--- Comment #26 from Walter Bright <> 2011-08-02 
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My main reservation about this is not that I can see anything obviously wrong
about it, but I am nervous we are building a special case for tuples. I think
any expansion of tuple support should be part of a more comprehensive design
for tuples.

If we grow tuple support by adding piecemeal special cases for this and that,
without thinking about them more globally, we are liable to build ourselves
into a box we can't get out of.

I can give examples in other languages that did this - the most infamous being
the great C idea of conflating arrays and pointers. It seems to be a great idea
in the small, but only much larger experience showed what a disastrous mistake
it was.

We should step back and figure out what we want to do with tuples in the much
more general case.

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