--- Comment #12 from changlon <> 2011-08-08 19:46:06 PDT ---
I think the bug is not because class cast .

in the code i have Token and ASTNode,  The Token is struct and ASTNode is
class. if I apply them both on heap then it working fine,  if I only apply 
ASTNode on heap the problem is still there ,  If I apply only Token on heap the
test is work fine .

I storage the pointer of Token struct on a global pointer, and print it before
exit main function,  find it is diffent ,  that mean the has been
moved ,  and after exit main I got a  Segmentation .

I simply do nothing but just change the struct Token to class Token,  they
still apply on pool but not heap,  The problem is not exists anymore.

So,  I guess this is not a cast(class) issue,  It is a struct issue, and
related with druntime GC .

the Segmentation is very rare, If i change a lite things on example.jade, the
Segmentation will not exists .

If i apply stuct Token on heap the performance will be very bad,  It will cause
100 times than not apply on heap .

After several months of debug and test,  I finally resolved this problem . 
Thanks a lot for Steven Schveighoffer help .

my problem is not exists by switch stuck Token to class Token,  But I believe
there is also a hidden an druntime GC bug,  So I will not close this bug .

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