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--- Comment #1 from Ellery Newcomer <> 2011-08-11 
18:51:10 PDT ---
Ran into something similar a while back, but I don't think foreach has anything
to do with it:

template Sequenced(){
    template Inner(ThisNode, Value, size_t N){

struct IndexedBy(L...)
    alias L List;

class MIC(IndexedBy){
    alias int ThisNode;

    void _RemoveAllBut(size_t N)(ThisNode* node){

    /// disattach node from all indeces.
    alias _RemoveAllBut!(IndexedBy.List.length) _RemoveAll;

void main(){
    alias MIC!(IndexedBy!(Sequenced!())) C;

yields 1 error message:

Error: identifier 'length' of 'IndexedBy.List.length' is not defined

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