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This enhancement request comes from a handy feature of the Ada language. 

It's not too much hard to implement something similar in D too, with I think an
acceptable final user syntax:

import std.traits: EnumMembers, OriginalType, Unqual;
import std.stdio: writeln;

private E[] convertEnum(E, T)(in T[] data) @safe pure nothrow
if (is(E == enum) && is(Unqual!T == OriginalType!Foo)) {
    //assert(__ctfe, "This is a compile-time function only.");

    E[T] dict;
    foreach (member; EnumMembers!E)
        dict[member] = member;

    auto result = new E[data.length];
    foreach (i, item; data)
        result[i] = dict[item];
    return result;

enum Foo : char { A='a', B='b', C='c' }

void show(T)(T x) { writeln(x); }

template F(string s) {
    enum F = convertEnum!Foo(s);

void main() {
    enum Foo[][] foos = [F!"abcabcabc",
    //import std.conv;
    //const Foo[] foos2 = to!(Foo[])("abcabcabc"); // not possible yet
    show(foos); // [[A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C],
                //  [C, B, A, C, B, A, C, B, A]]

Still, I think safe compile-time Enum conversion and safe run-time Enum
conversion is a feature worth folding inside to!().

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