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"You can get into all kinds of confusion by perversely indenting the source
code, this particular one isn't special and so doesn't warrant special

I disagree with this assessment. The whitespace is not the core problem here.
The core problem is that the construct "if(cond) stmt; if(cond) stmt; else..."
(with no braces) is generally confusing for people. The whitespace merely makes
for a more illustrative example. To demonstrate, the following code is
perfectly valid and works as intended, but despite that, it would still make a
lot of programmers very nervous anyway:

if(x == 17)
    if(useFoo) foo(); else bar();

While it's true there's plenty of general confusion that can be caused by
misleading whitespace, that's really a separate class of issues. It's a class
of issues that can certainly aggravate the "if if else" matter, but that's just
because, like you said, they can aggravate any situation.

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