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--- Comment #1 from Vladimir Panteleev <> 2011-08-23 
19:31:06 PDT ---
Some thoughts:

* The concept is POSIX-only. Windows uses different APIs and handles for files
and network connections.
* I'm not sure why you used the C socket functions when you could have used
std.socket for the setup and obtained the handle. This could have shortened the
code considerably. (One drawback against using std.socket I can see is that its
destructor closes the socket, so you must maintain a reference to the Socket
* Perhaps std.stdio.File should just have public constructors which accept a
FILE* or (on POSIX) a file descriptor. This would eliminate the need for such
dedicated code, and instead provide better general support (for pipes and
whatever else file descriptors are used for).
* Alternatively, there's always std.socketstream...

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