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import std.bigint, std.conv;
void main() {
    string s = text(BigInt(1));

In DMD 2.055beta it gives:

...\src\phobos\std\conv.d(829): Error: function std.bigint.BigInt.toString
(void delegate(const(char)[]) sink, string formatString) const is not callable
using argument types ()
...\src\phobos\std\conv.d(829): Error: expected 2 function arguments, not 0

See also notes in bug 4122 :

My suggestion is to change the signature of BigInt.toString() from this:

void toString(void delegate(const (char)[]) sink, string formatString) const {

To something like this:

string toString(void delegate(string) sink=null, string formatString="d") const

And make it return a string filled with the decimal representation when sink is
null; and to return an empty string when sink!=null.


Eventually the signature can even become:

string toString(void delegate(string) sink=null, string formatString="d",
string thousands="") const {

So if thousands="_" the number gets represented as:


But this is less essential.

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