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(In reply to comment #1)
> Actually, you can do that with the rather obscure notation
> dmd main.d -I..\..\src mylib.lib -L..\..\

No, you can't. That's what I was saying. Look:


import foo; 
void main() { auto x = foothing(); }

int foothing() { return 1; }

$ dmd -lib foo.d
$ cd fold1\fold2
$ md main.d -I..\..\ foo.lib -L..\..\

OPTLINK : Warning 9: Unknown Option : NOI..\..\
 Warning 2: File Not Found foo.lib

The LIB environment variable would be very useful if the default sc.ini didn't
overwrite it but prepend it by default. Instead of this line:


we would have this line:

Then I could actually use LIB via a shell script without having to touch
sc.ini, e.g. continuing my previous example and with the sc.ini change I could

$ set LIB=..\..\;%LIB%
$ dmd main.d -I..\..\ foo.lib

And voila, it works. But unfortunately the default sc.ini setting overwrites
LIB instead of prepending to it.

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