--- Comment #6 from Nick Sabalausky <> 2011-09-08 
15:48:00 PDT ---
Sorry, that was pretty long-winded, so let me summarize:

I believe the current behavior is correct.

Why? Because the list of .d dependencies is *inherently* dependent on the
*specific* compiler, anyway. Due to the language itself, there's no getting
around that. So even if dmd.exe and dmd.conf/sc.ini are omitted, the results of
"rdmd --makedepend" are *still* dependent on the specific compiler used.

Why is the .d list dependent on the specific compiler? Because there might be
conditional includes:

// I probably have these identifiers wrong, but whatever.
    include foo_dmd;
else version(GDC)
    include foo_gdc;
else version(LDC)
    include foo_ldc;

// "LittleEndian" was changed to "littleEndian" in DMD 2.055
// Basically, this could be anything in Phobos that's changed
// between two versions of DMD.
static if(__traits(compiles, Endian.littleEndian))
    include foo_A;
    include foo_B;

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