--- Comment #8 from Nick Sabalausky <> 2011-09-11 
15:18:01 PDT ---
"Question: if the output of "rdmd --makedepend" is only usable on the current
system, is there still a valid use for it? Why not just use rdmd?"

"Using "rdmd --makedepend" to generate makefiles ready for redistribution..."

To be honest, even if the output of "rdmd --makedepend" were 100% portable, I'm
still not sure I see a compelling reason to use it to generate redistributed
makefiles. (At least if rdmd gains support for ldc and gdc, that is.) The user
would still need a D compiler, and if they have that, they should have rdmd
(Side note: If rdmd does support ldc and gdc, then there's no reason why it
shouldn't come packaged with those too. Or at least be trivially installable
with one or two simple commandline statements). So why pipe it all through
make? It would only create a need for people to re-generate the makefile when
source files are added or renamed, and wouldn't provide any benefit (after all,
rdmd can be invoked from a makefile).

"...when the user knows that their code base does not contain imports which
change depending on the environment"

That strikes me an error-prone, inadvisable thing to rely on.

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