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> You don't have to use it then.  You could use
>     float[6] arr = [1., 2., 42. ...];
> or
>     float[6] arr = [1., 2., 42...];
> or
>     float[6] arr = [1., 2., 42.0...];
> instead.

Right, but currently D doesn't require such syntaxes to write floating point
values, so people are free to write the bad syntax, or you have to add one or
more special cases to D.

> with the comma, the remainder of elements
> would be initialised to the type's .init.  A ... following a value without a
> comma would, OTOH, initialise all remaining elements to the specified value.

An engineer usually prefers KISS designs, this also means that language
features serve for only one purpose.
The sub-feature you propose is cute, but I think seen from the eyes of an
engineer it risks reducing the value of the whole ellipsis feature :-|

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