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> Regarding naming, searching google etc. for schwartz sort yields relevant
> results whereas key sort does not.

Schwartz sort is a common name and it's meaningful, but I am never able to
remember its correct spell. Being it a very common operation (I use it about as
often as the normal sort), I think it's better to rename it with a name that's
simpler to remember (in spell) and maybe shorter too. Maybe Kagamin is not the
only person that agrees on this.

If you don't like keySort (I was just a quick idea), then we may search for
something else, that possibly uses only short and easy to spell English words.

Google is handy in many situations, but it's not the Alpha and Omega when you
have to give names to things.

"Schwart sort" gives 9,500 hits.
"Decorate Sort Undecorate" gives 7,270 hits.

> Please refrain from suggesting name changes of public APIs unless they add 
> significant value.

Sorry, I'll keep suggesting what I think is better/right.

Also, this enhancement request if from 2010-09, and I think I have said that
schwartzSort is a bad name from the beginning, from the first time I have seen
it. So it was not really a "name change". It's a name change now.

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