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> Another data point...
> In the auto tester where it's building each test with the sequence of 
> different
> parameter combinations, it used to fail every once in a while due to the same
> error below.  Changing it to write to a different executable every time (I 
> just
> added a counter so it's testfoo_0.exe, testfoo_1.exe, etc..) completely fixed
> that problem.  I have no recollection which tests were failing.. I thought it
> was pretty random, but it might not have been.
> My assumption is/was that windows isn't releasing the exclusive write lock on
> the executable file synchronously with the exiting of the application.
> Have you tried the same loop with an empty main?

Yes, I have, and it never fails. It also never fails when 'double' is replaced
by 'real'. This makes it very hard for me to blame Windows for this.

I found three tests from the test suite which failed: test15, arrayop, and
hospital. I reduced arrayop down to that minimum size. Might be worth trying to
reduce the others as well.

It's also possible that it could be an issue with core.cpuid.

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