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--- Comment #3 from Steven Schveighoffer <> 2011-10-03 
09:04:47 PDT ---
If you compile both modules without -unittest, the code works properly.  If you
compile the second file with unittest (even if the test code is in main()), the
code fails.

The reason is because the unit test version of RBT unintentionally has an extra
entry in the vtable when compared to the non-unittest version.  This was my
error, and I will submit a pull request to fix it.  The reason it didn't show
up when RedBlackTree was a struct is because structs don't have virtual

In order to get your code working, put final in front of the function
"arrayEqual".  i.e.:

final bool arrayEqual(T[] arr)

I'll close the bug when the pull request is implemented.

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