--- Comment #6 from Graham <> 2011-10-04 16:29:52 PDT 
Perhaps somebody can tell me if D-style variadic functions really should be
using the __va_argsave structure on x86_64 code or should that only be
applicable to C-style variadic functions (as the documentation still implies at
the moment).

The compiler appears to be using the __va_argsave method of argument passing
for both C and D variadic functions on x86_64 code. So it's only possible to
use _argptr for retrieving arguments (as the documentation says) on 32 bit

I have managed to patch stdarg.d (D1) and stdarg.di (D2) to work with most D
argument types but cfloat still gives some problems.

If this is a compiler issue (wrong argument passing method being used for D
variadic functions) then I'll stop expending any more time on it.

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