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(In reply to comment #8)
> 1. what should happen if this is called with a COM object?

If two interfaces are identity comparable, returns its result. Otherwise,
downcast to Object, and the result is false.
And this rule also appleied to C++ interface (COM interface is C++ interface,
and the downcasting from C++ interface to Object returns always null).

> 2. how does an opEquals defined in an interface interact with the
> object.opEquals?

An interface's opEquals is not used directly. Object.opEquals is always used
for the interface comparison when it is possible.

> 3. a forced cast, unlike an implicit cast, is a blunt instrument that can do a
> lot more than simply cast an interface to its base class. If the arguments are
> other types, what are the conseqences of this forced cast?

Same as Steven's comment in #9.

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