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> They're similar but not the same. Bug# 6840 is suggesting the creation of a
> template which wraps whether succeeds by catching the exception.
> This is highly inefficient and ends up creating a new type in the deal, which
> is messier IMHO.
> What I'm suggesting here is that a new function be created which doesn't risk 
> a
> ConvException being thrown at all, completely avoiding the huge inefficiency 
> of
> catching the thrown exception.

You have missed this part of that bug 6840:

> 2) This simple implementation of maybeTo contains a try-catch, but there is no
> need to actually throw and catch an exception in all wrong conversion cases.
> Example: when Tin is string and Tout is int, maybeTo is free to use something
> lighter, like a C function that produces no exceptions, instead of to!(). I
> think this allows the compiler to perform some extra optimizations.

If you create a conversion function that doesn't throw, then it is useful to
create a maybeTo :-)

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