--- Comment #6 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-10-23 17:03:03 
PDT ---
Well, I'm definitely confused. I finally managed to reduce my code to a
reasonably test case, but I can't find a version of the compiler where it
worked. So, I don't know what happened. My test case is pretty similar to
Kenji's though, so I expect that it's the same bug.

import b;

void main()

import std.exception;

enum E {a, b, c}
immutable int[E] aa;

shared static this()
    int[E] temp;
    temp[E.a] = 1;
    temp[E.b] = 2;
    temp[E.c] = 3;
    aa = assumeUnique(temp);

a.o: In function
undefined reference to `_D16TypeInfo_HE1b1Ei6__initZ'
a.o: In function
undefined reference to `_D17TypeInfo_HE1b1Eyi6__initZ'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
--- errorlevel 1

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