03.11.2011 12:29, pvy пишет:
Hello, I'm newbie. I have been switched to 2.056 from 2.054 (I've been
deleted its distro, so can't test it) and see that .exe file after
compilation of Hello World now is about 1Mb! I tried with D1 and got
~300Kb. Is it a bug in the 2.056 version?
PS. I compiled with:
dmd hello.d -release -d
dmd hello.d
always is about 1Mb
For example, my simple command line tool is compiled into 2Mb .exe file!

Regards, Yosifov Paul

Such question could be posted in "digitalmars.D.learn" or "digitalmars.D" newsgroup. And as Jonathan M Davis wrote: "This list is not intended to be posted to. You sign up for it if you want to see all of the messages from bugzilla. Please report bugs in bugzilla: d.puremagic.com/issues"

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