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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-12-09 02:36:00 
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No, this behavior is as-designed. You're misunderstanding dchars. A dchar is a
UTF-32 code unit, which is then guaranteed to be a code point. When you reverse
a range of dchar - be it a dchar[] or some other data structure - the code
points are reversed. It doesn't take graphemes into account _at all_. If you
want to reverse a string based an graphemes, you need to have a range of
graphemes not a range of dchar. Phobos does not currently have support for a
range of graphemes, which makes that quite a bit harder to do, but until then,
all ranges of characters are ranges of dchar, and any function which operates
on a range is going to treat them as ranges of dchar, not graphemes, so reverse
is going to reverse code points, even if that's not what the programmer really

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