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> (In reply to comment #11)
> > and then (possibly*) provide some other mechanism for identifying 
> > if a function is C-style variadic.  is() expressions are just about 
> > the ugliest thing in the language already, I'm loathe to recommend 
> > making them even uglier.
> Why only C-style variadics?  D-style variadics with typeinfo just as well need
> to be considered.  Of course, with typesafe variadics we can feasibly just 
> keep
> the type and just discard the ... ....

You're right. Fortunately, I don't think it's any different.

-TypeTuple of the function parameter types
+TypeTuple of the function parameter types. For C- and D-style variadic
only the non-variadic parameters are included. For typesafe variadic functions,
the ... is ignored.

Can you improve on that?

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