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--- Comment #11 from 2012-01-17 23:56:24 PST ---
I have recently done a ModuleInfo refactoring along this line.

I'd like to avoid having to link in a static library.
The planned ELF mechanism works like the following:

 - The compiler emits a static init function into each
   object, library or executable. This function is a
   comdat so every DLL or EXE will have a single init

 - _minfo_beg/_minfo_end and _deh_beg/_deh_end are made
    static symbols.

 - The init function registers it's modules/EH tables
   with a global function in druntime. There we create
   an entry and store additional data like TLS index
   and writeable segments for GC.

 - The module initialization must now only iterate over
   all dlls and initialize them in the order of registration.

If we can figure out how to create a static init function
the same mechanism should work for Windows.
By splitting registration and initialization we should
be able to perform module construction outside DllMain of.

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