--- Comment #2 from Marco Leise <> 2012-01-19 07:18:03 PST ---
My personal 'fix' is to use this code - adapted from the Windows section in

    #if ELFOBJ
        if (sinit->Sdt &&
            sinit->Sdt->dt == DT_azeros &&
            sinit->Sdt->DTnext == NULL &&
            sinit->Sseg = UDATA;
            sinit->Sseg = CDATA;

It seems to work with the dmd Makefile for Phobos/druntime itself and on my own
program. I don't know the compiler source code, but from what I read briefly,
"global.params.multiobj" means: compile to single .obj/.o files. If so, then
this would effect unity builds only (?)

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