--- Comment #2 from Adam Wilson <> 2012-02-01 22:59:38 PST ---
This is the cmdline used: dmd -c -d -o- -Isrc -Iimport -Hfimport\core\bitop.di
It's lifted straight out of the Druntime win32.mak file.

Although I think the old DI generation code masks the problem because it leaves
the function implementation in the DI file and DMD is properly able to sort it
out from there. It was only when I stripped the function impl out of the DI
file that I saw this issue.

The .d file was unchanged other than to add the casts. The NEW DI file is as

// D import file generated from 'src\core\bitop.d'
module core.bitop;
    pure int bsf(size_t v);

    pure int bsr(size_t v);

    pure int bt(in size_t* p, size_t bitnum);

    int btc(size_t* p, size_t bitnum);
    int btr(size_t* p, size_t bitnum);
    int bts(size_t* p, size_t bitnum);
    pure uint bswap(uint v);

    ubyte inp(uint port_address);
    ushort inpw(uint port_address);
    uint inpl(uint port_address);
    ubyte outp(uint port_address, ubyte value);
    ushort outpw(uint port_address, ushort value);
    uint outpl(uint port_address, uint value);
    int popcnt(uint x);
    debug (UnitTest)
    uint bitswap(uint x);
    debug (UnitTest)

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