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2012-02-02 02:51:50 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Thats a wrong comparision because neither -g not -ggdb make the compiler
> fake C++ debug information as C. The -gc flag is a hack to masquerade as
> C which should not be the default if -g works for most platforms.

That's not what Walter said (agreeing with Brad's comment) in the comment I
pointed out. But it seems that's not longer the position about -g/-gc (at least
for Brad). I don't care that much about what should be the meaning of -g/-gc as
long as there is one that works (and will keep working) with standard

(In reply to comment #6)
> The bottom line is that -g needs to 'just work' with the standard debuggers on
> the supported platforms.  Assuming that -g works, -gc is a left over 
> appendage.
>  A whole lot of progress has been made in a number of commits over the last
> year. 
> Some quick testing on linux shows that it works quite well with just -g now.
> With that in mind, I'm resolving this bug report as wontfix since -gc isn't
> mandatory any more.
> Chances are that there's more bugs left, so please feel encouraged to distill
> repro cases where -g doesn't "just work", file them, and we'll work on them.

OK, so -gc should be just deprecated and there should be only -g, right? Will
-gc be the same as -g? If not, why?

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