--- Comment #1 from Leandro Lucarella <> 
2012-02-02 04:18:56 PST ---
By the way, I don't find the solution elegant at all, but it's the only
solution I could think of. Maybe it would be better to use the same order of
the command line switches when passing them to the linker, even for the
-defaultlib and -debuglib.


dmd -L-L/opt/lib -defaultlib=blah -L-lfoo -> gcc -L/opt/lib -lblah -lfoo
dmd -L-lbar -defaultlib=blah -> gcc -lbar -lblah

The problem is what to do then with the switches that are automatically added
by DMD. Maybe those should be just moved to dmd.conf (except for -Xlinker of
course), because I think they are not really needed by the the generated code
but by the runtime, which can be changed via -defaultlib.

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