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> Yeah, it's a limitation that dmd doesn't let you pass flags to gcc. It's a
> different bug though.
> Have you actually tried to build PIE using dmd's -fPIC flag.
> You'd need to rebuild druntime and phobos with the fPIC too.
> I think PIE will work without further changes.

It seemed like it was working before, but I did it again with more rigor to try
and confirm that all of the flags are what I think they are.  It didn't work
too well.

Here's what happened:
druntime compile:
phobos compile:
executable compile: 

chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ dmd -fPIC -c main.d
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ gcc main.o -o main -m32 -Xlinker
-L/usr/local/share/dcompilers/dmd/linux/bin/../lib -lphobos2 -lpthread -lm -lrt
-fPIC -pie
warning: creating a DT_TEXTREL in object.
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ main
main: error while loading shared libraries: cannot make segment writable for
relocation: Permission denied
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ sudo paxctl -m main
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $ main
chad@Hugin /mnt/bulk/dprojects/helloD2 $

If I did something wrong, please let me know a better way.

What's the issue# for the bug preventing DMD from forwarding arguments to GCC? 
It's actually really easy to write a patch for that.  In fact, I did it so that
I could continue working on my system.  Otherwise there is no way for me to
have DMD work on my system without hardcoding "-fno-pie" into dmd/src/link.c
and compiling from git.

Now, this is probably the wrong place for it, and I could stand to improve it
slightly and make sure it works off of the latest git sources (I was working
offline with this), but here is the patch for adding a -cflags parameter in
DMD, just in case anyone wants it:

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