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--- Comment #13 from Andrej Mitrovic <> 2012-02-07 
12:20:02 PST ---
I run into this issue all the time, in particular when doing script-based
programming. E.g.:

string[string] classes;
foreach (name; classes.keys.sorted) { } // ng

Having to do this is a chore:
auto keys = classes.keys;
foreach (name; keys) { } 

This works ok for my purposes (yada yada about constraints):
T sorted(T)(T t)
    T result = t;
    return result;

Why do we have replace and replaceInPlace, whereas we have sort which sorts in
place implicitly? "findSkip" is another function that I sometimes use but I
hate how it hides the fact that it modifies its arguments. "find" returns a
range, but "findSkip" returns a bool and *modifies* your argument. It's not at
all obvious from the call site.

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