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--- Comment #2 from Don <> 2012-02-08 13:42:36 PST ---
I created new bugs (bug 7465 and bug 7466) for the fail10 and fail14 cases.

Apart from the bug in comment1, which I will call case A, the other known
instances of _error are:

// CASE B: from bug 6475 (and many other places)
alias int b6699;
alias b6699.x b6699a;
crash.d(2): Error: no property 'x' for type 'int'
crash.d(2): Error: alias crash.b6699a cannot alias an expression __error

// CASE C: from fail72
void bug6699()
    synchronized( foo )    {  }
crash.d(3): Error: undefined identifier foo
crash.d(3): Error: can only synchronize on class objects, not '_error_'

// CASE D: from fail8 and fail123.
struct Foo6699 { int x; }
enum Bar6699 : Foo6699 { a, b }
crash.d(3): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (0) of type int to
Error: no property 'max' for type 'Foo6699'
crash.d(3): Error: Integer constant expression expected instead of (__error) ==

See also bug 7462, bug 5302, and bug 6796, which also have _error.

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