--- Comment #16 from Steven Schveighoffer <> 2012-02-08 
20:16:23 PST ---
Unless the checked-in fix doesn't allow two interfaces to compare, this bug
should be closed.  It is about the difference between comparing two objects and
comparing two interfaces.  Prior to this fix, you con't compare two interfaces
*period*, even if they defined an identical signature to Object.opEquals.

I feel that it should be possible to specialize opEquals for interfaces and
objects, but this is a separate problem (and actually an enhancement).  IIUC,
the applied fix makes it so Objects and interfaces compare in the same way.

If I find I can compare two interfaces in the same way I can compare two
objects, I'll close this as resolved, and you may open a different bug
regarding adding the enhancement of overriding the default behavior of

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