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> Whether or not a parameter is used is unrelated to whether or not it has a
> name.

You can't use an unnamed parameter, or can you?
What I wanted to hint at is this:

interface I {
  void foo(int a, int b);

class C {
  int sum_a;
  void foo(int a, int b) {
    sum_a += a;

This is a typical situation I face in Java code. The IDE (Eclipse in this case)
would warn me, that I don't use parameter 'b'. Now my code is perfectly fine
and my implementation of foo() doesn't depend on the value of 'b' to do its
The better solution is to write:

  void foo(int a, int) {
    sum_a += a;

Now the interface is happy, as is the compiler check, because we made it clear,
that we intended to ignore 'b'.

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