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An alias template is like a function template, just for aliases.

Those are all alias templates:

template A(T){alias T A;}
template B(T){alias Foo!T B;}
template C(T){alias!T C;}
template D(T){alias Foo!(Bar!(Qux!T)) D;}

Those are functions that use them:
void fooa(T)(A!T a){ ... }
void foob(T)(B!T b){ ... }
void fooc(T)(C!T c){ ... }
void food(T)(D!T d){ ... }

Those are the versions that do exactly the same thing but work with IFTI:
void fooa(T)(T a){ ... }
void foob(T)(Foo!T b){ ... }
void fooc(T)(!T c){ ... }
void food(T)(Foo!(Bar!(Qux!T)) d){ ... }

What I am asking for is for IFTI to work the same for the former and latter
versions of the functions. This is easy to implement and matches what most
programmers would expect the language to be capable of.

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