When I use setlocale with LC_ALL it does not seem to work.
I use nlb_belgium and, when I print (writeln in console) a floating point number, I expect the decimal separator to be a comma. But it remains a dot.
When I use 0 instead of LC_ALL, it does work.
So I inspected the values defined for those locale cateory constants and they seem to be completely different from what I find in the Visual C++ headers. Is this possible? I mean, are they not expected to be the same, or is this vendor specific?

PS: This is how they are defined in VC:

#define LC_ALL          0
#define LC_COLLATE      1
#define LC_CTYPE        2
#define LC_MONETARY     3
#define LC_NUMERIC      4
#define LC_TIME         5

Also, in VC++, the return value of setlocale is defined as char* whereas, in D, it is int. This makes it impossible to inspect the current locale.

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