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> I dunno how to "fix" this bug. "g" by default imples there is a way to 
> override
> it. regex("blah","") ?
> Leaving it as is now breaks old codebases that rely on "g" (though there 
> should
> be more of legacy std.regexp code out there).
> Making it "g" on affects old code only inside foreach and generic constructs
> that show all matches or iterate on them, it's rare but non-zero.
> Another way would be to ditch current API, which I is not ideal btw ;)

Fully ditching the currently used API is probably too much.

A possible idea:
regex("blah") <<== repeat over the whole input. 
regex("blah","") <<== repeat over the whole input. 
regex("blah","g") <<== repeat over the whole input. 
regex("blah","d") <<== doesn't repeat over the whole input.

So far you have done good work on the regular expression implementation, so I
trust your work. Thank you.

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