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--- Comment #4 from Dmitry Olshansky <> 2012-02-27 
02:36:06 PST ---
Full backwards compatibility looked like a nice idea at start. 
I'm increasingly regret that decision, as things still got broken as I had to
add new features that block some undocumented behavior.

Ehm escape sequences were partly broken in 2.057 ... sorry about that.

BTW this page shows that [ and ] should be escaped, and not a single word on it
used as first character (unlike '-' that is supported).

About Python, heh, I'm eager to see how would they go about adding set
operations without breaking compatibility (they count [ as plain '[' in the
middle of charset). I guess a brand new module if it they ever will.

> But as a compromise: Perhaps a useful error message pointing out the escape
> thing could be added? Or it could be explicitly pointed out in a note in the
> documentation (to avoid special-casing the error code)?
> I think some kind of "least surprise" handling for people coming from 
> basically
> anywhere else might be useful ;-)

Hm.. that's a good idea. Hereby it's an enhacement request ;)

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