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Quoting Dmitry:
> BTW this page shows that [ and ] should be escaped, and not a single word on 
> it
> used as first character (unlike '-' that is supported).

Huh? Did you read the first paragraph…?-)

Quoted, for your convenience (my highlight):
> An opening square bracket introduces a character class, terminated by a 
> closing square
> bracket. A closing square bracket on its own is not special. **If a closing 
> square bracket is
> required as a member of the class, it should be the first data character in 
> the class** (after
> an initial circumflex, if present) or escaped with a backslash.

It says so right there, no? This is the way it's been in several languages I've
used throughout the years. I guess they just didn't have escaping inside
character classes in the olden days ;-)

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