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> No, it's inevitable that a mark-and-sweep GC on a 32 bit system won't work if
> large numbers of false pointers are present. And this code:
>    foreach (i; 0 .. count)
>         a ~= i;
> is flooding the system with false pointers.

I think you might have misunderstood the problem, like I originally did.

I am **********  NOT  *********** filling the system with false pointers.
See David Simcha's comment in response to mine:

It's inherently defective -- I'm merely _allocating_ a lot of memory, that's
all. The rest is a problem with the GC's algorithm.
(Unless you expect that no one will allocate one 20-MB chunk of RAM?)

> You marked this as regression, is there any previous compiler where this
> worked?
> (reopen if it there is).

I marked it as "remind", since I'm sorta reminding about this bug... if that's
not the implied meaning then my bad, but this still needs to be fixed.

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