--- Comment #10 from Vladimir Panteleev <> 2012-03-03 
20:26:02 PST ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> The range error is 'entry' is a string, and you are slicing it beyond it's 
> end.
> This is not a bug in the compiler or runtime, it's in your code.

You have misunderstood the bug report. The problem is that, to the user, the
exception was silently discarded 2.054.

In reality, the range exception results in an uncaught SEH exception. On most
machines, it will cause the standard "Program has stopped working" dialog,
however Andrej has those dialogs disabled.

With DMD 2.058, it causes a barrage of Access Violation errors. This is a bug,
as the correct behavior is to print the stack trace of a RangeError and exit.

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