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           Keywords|                            |ddoc
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            Summary|DDoc ignores member when it |DDoc ignores documentation
                   |is on the same line as open |comment that begins on the
                   |curly brace                 |same line as the open curly
                   |                            |brace

--- Comment #1 from Stewart Gordon <> 2012-03-11 10:08:08 PDT ---
It's actually the documentation comment it ignores, not the member.  So if a
member's documentation is split across multiple single-line comments, it will
use all except the one that is on the same line as the {.  Try this at home:

class C1
{/// abc
/// def
int a; }

class C2
{/** abc
int a; }

generated documentation:

class C1;

    int a;

class C2;

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