--- Comment #5 from Manu <> 2012-03-19 06:33:04 PDT ---
*crap, I tapped tab and the 'commit' button gained focus, and when I pressed
space bar, it posted.*

class MyClass

  @property void property1(int t)
  @property int property1()

  @property void thing(int t)
  @property int thing()
  void doThing()

  void addUnrelated(Unrelated x);
  Unrelated getUnrelated();
  virtual void updateUnrelateds();

  // etc. 

  virtual void update();
  virtual void draw();

  void handlerDelegate();
  void handlerDelegate2();

  int data1;
  float data2;

Ie. logically group stuff, mark the occasional virtual explicitly, continue as

This looks like a fairly realistic class to me. I really want to be able to
explicitly mark each function that is virtual in this way.

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