--- Comment #2 from Kenji Hara <> 2012-03-19 17:46:06 PDT ---
Enforce all @property attribute for property usage (with -property switch) is
good, but one problem is in there.


> With UFCS, a property setting e1.prop = ev is rewritten to .prop(e1, ev).
> If the compiler disallows a property function with two arguments, we cannot
> set @property attribute to .prop function, but -property switch enforce to
> .prop that has @property. After all, we can never use such a syntax.

@property void prop(int, int){}
// Error: properties can only have zero or one parameter
void main(){ 1.prop = 10; }

> The alternate way is to stop property enforcement for the UFCS setter that
> needs two arguments.

/*@property */void prop(int, int){}
void main(){ 1.prop = 10; } // not detected attribute missing with -property

Currently, my pull in comment#1 allows a property function that has two

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