Nick Sabalausky <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Keywords|rejects-valid               |
            Summary|Regression(2.059 Beta):     |[2.059 Beta] Changelog
                   |struct opEquals broken      |should clearly mention
                   |                            |struct
                   |                            |literal/opCmp/opEquals
                   |                            |changes

--- Comment #2 from Nick Sabalausky <> 2012-04-05 
19:18:05 PDT ---
I see. I had tried removing the "const" and it still failed, but removing both
"const" AND "ref" does indeed work.

I'm going to remove the "rejects-valid" and leave this open (with a new title)
because I think it's very important the changelog clearly mentions this in the
"Changed Features", Ie that struct literals are no longer lvalues *and* that
this means opCmp/opEquals/etc now need a non-const non-ref overload.

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