--- Comment #16 from Walter Bright <> 2012-04-11 
10:49:07 PDT ---
Ok, here's the problem.

Attempt to compile BasicVector.
Expand Expression!(1)().
Expand closureOf!() which is needed to initialize lhsClosure.
  1. closureOf has two members 1. the static if 2. the enum closureOf
  2. in order to initialize lhsClosure, closureOf must be eponymous
therefore, we must evaluate the static if.
Evaluating the static if evaluates bar(T)(T)
bar(T)(T) evaluates Expression!(2)()
Expression!(2)() needs to eponymously expand closureOf!()

And so we wind up in a circle, hence the confusing error message.

It "worked" prior because the circular reference error was ignored.

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