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--- Comment #12 from Rainer Schuetze <> 2012-04-13 05:18:24 
PDT ---
Did you notice that the return code -1073741819 is 0xC0000005, which usually
means "Access Violation"?

I guess this is happening in the stack trace generation code that is executed
when an exception is thrown. This code is expensive, has to deal with
non-existing or buggy debug information and is unsafe itself. I recommend
disabling it by default.

I usually run this early from a shared static module constructor to disable it
(including always loading dbghelp.dll and debug symbols at startup):

extern extern(C) __gshared ModuleInfo

void disableStacktrace()
    ModuleInfo* info = &D4core3sys7windows10stacktrace12__ModuleInfoZ;
    *cast(typeof(info.o.ctor)*)(cast(void*)info + 8) = null;

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