--- Comment #4 from Andrew Lauritzen <> 2012-04-18 
21:46:38 PDT ---
Upon some further messing around, I'm starting to wonder whether this has
something to do with placing breakpoints as well. I've definitely seen issues
without that, but in the simple example, if you place a breakpoint on the throw
and then place one on the writeln and also add another writeln("hello"); to the
end of main and place a breakpoint on it you can get some weird behavior.

1) If upon breaking on the throw line, you "continue" (F5), you'll end up in
the exception handler as expected.

2) If instead you "step over" or "step into" (F10), it'll appear to just
continue on as if the exception didn't happen and want to step into
disassembly. Then if you continue (F5) you'll skip the exception handler
all-together and end up on the writeln("hello") line...

Now I realize some/all of this oddity may be VisualD and related tool's issue,
but I figured it might be related or shed some light on this.

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