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> This hasn't been discussed in the m-l.

I have given a generic answer in Issue 7937

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> Yeah, but this request should have been discussed in the first place by
> bearophile. Just opening enhancement requests because one thinks this or that
> should be this way doesn't make any sense. If everybody starts to do that, it
> will turn to chaos pretty quickly.

I think for normal bug reports, or for very small enhancement requests (that
require only a small and limited amount of code added or changed with no
significant interactions with unrelated user code) discussing it only in
Bugzilla is acceptable.
And I've seen that most people in newsgroups are not interested in very small

> bearophile, are you ok to close ?

I think that generally it's OK to close an enhancement request when it's not
implementable, when it's a bad idea, when there are better ideas, when no one
seems to desire the idea for a lot of time, when it asks for too much work for
too little gain, etc.

In this specific case kennytm and hsteoh have given answers. There is a
Windows-specific way to solve this, and on Unixes it's not immediate to do.

I am not qualified enough to tell if this enhancement request needs to be
closed as WONTFIX.

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