--- Comment #17 from Stewart Gordon <> 2012-04-24 13:51:22 PDT ---
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> 'final' in Java for a variable means it is assigned once in the constructor,
> and never again. The equivalent is achieved in D using 'const' and not
> supplying an initializer.
> 'final' in D1 has similar semantics to Java.

I can't see it anywhere in the D1 docs as anything other than an attribute
applied to methods to prevent them being overridden.  I had made out that
Java's meaning of final on fields just didn't exist in D, what with D having
const for things like that.

Moreover, given that "final" was overloaded to denote two very different
attributes, it would seem silly that a single use of the word could apply both
these attributes.  But if people actually did it....

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